Dr. Linda Lancere

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Linda Lancere
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Healthcare Track Co-Coordinator for Google Impact Challenge Program
Riga TechGirls

Baltic American Freedom Fundation Research Scholar Alumni
Baltic-American Freedom Foundation

Co-Founder, Rehabilitation, Research & Development
Digital Health Cluster Latvia

Linda Lancere obtained Ph.D. in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics in 2017 in Riga Technical University. Linda continued to complement her interests in modern technologies and physical movements by working in virtual reality project management and obtaining B.Sc. in Physical Therapy in 2021 in Latvian Academy of Sport Education. The previous experience accumulated and led to the interdisciplinary post-doctoral research in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, beginning January, 2019 with a title “Design research for user-friendly guidance of complex whole-body rehabilitation for lower extremity amputees by means of extended reality and advanced wearables data processing”. Part of the project was performed at the University of Iowa (2020) with support of the Baltic American Freedom Foundation and the Council on International Educational Exchange. At the present moment Linda is continuing research at VUAS and European University Alliance (E³UDRES²) in the area of wireless sensor/mixed reality/physical therapy field.

11:00am - 11:30am (GMT+3)

October 20 Friday

Effects of VR Exergame on Socialization, Energy Expenditure and Vital Parameters in a Sedentary Population